I specialize in Fashion & Product studio photography for Seattle area designers, but have experience with many different types of photography.  I have a nice studio setup in my home with both photo strobes and video lighting, along with 9 foot and 12 foot wide seamless backdrops.  In addition, I have a full recording studio in my home that can also be used as a backdrop, or props, for more fun or editorial type shots.  And, Yes...  I work with non-models as well.


Photography rates vary depending on the project, and I am selective about the projects I take on. Please contact me to discuss your project.


Recent Fashion Photography Clients:



I offer a unique "Do it Yourself" photography service for those needing simple product shots, like those shown in my portfolio.  For this service, I'll set up all the equipment and lighting for you, with the camera on a tripod and tethered to a computer.  Products can be hung from fishing wire, or set on a table/support.  Once everything is set up and the lighting has been adjusted, I let you take over and arrange each product and take the photos yourself.  Using the computer, you can control the camera, take the shot, and immediately see what it looks like on the computer screen.  This way you can be sure you have the shots you need before moving on to the next product.


Since I don't need to be there to push the shutter button and then wait while you arrange the next shot, I can be working on other projects in my office or my recording studio (still nearby if you need help).  Thus I can offer lower rates for this type of service.


Do it Yourself rates are $50-$75 per hour, depending on your needs, with an additional $100 setup fee.


Here are some samples that Paychi Guh did for her own line after I helped her get everything set up.

I am available to help models build a portfolio, and will sometimes work on a trade basis with the right models (as time allows).  Please see my Glamour & Artistic portfolio for a few examples of shoots I did with models on a trade basis.


Please contact me for more information.



Just need a studio with lighting and kitchen to shoot at, but have your own photographer? My wife and I are happy to rent out our studio and equipment to select photographers and clients.  Please contact me to discuss your project and rates.


Studio equipment includes 9 and 12 foot seamless white backgrounds, 4 Photo strobes with wireless trigger, Octobox, Beauty Dish, umbrellas and reflectors.


For video we have 4 tungsten video lights, including a 1000 watt Rifa soft box, 2 Tota lights with umbrellas, and one Omni light, plus a couple of lower power fluorescent video light fixtures. For fun party type backgrounds or special effects we also have a Chauvet Motion Drap (large DJ LED background) and Colorstrip (multicolor LED wash light).


Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the studio layout



I offer a variety of photo editing and retouching services, using the latest versions of Lightroom, Photoshop, and several enhancement plugins as necessary.  Photoshop editing is NOT included in my studio photography rates.  Depending on how much work your photos need, rates can vary from $5 to $30 per photo.


Below are two examples that I photographed in my studio with good makeup and strobe lighting, and so they didn't require much in the way of editing.  The third was done with natural light only.  For all three there was only some blemish removal, skin smoothing, overall exposure enhancement, and background cutout (for pure white background on first two images).  This type of photo editing can be done fairly quickly.


Custom WordPress Web Sites

I specialize in helping people put together customized WordPress based sites, and giving them the small amount of training needed so they can manage and update their own content.  I don’t work exclusively with WordPress, but I am slowly moving all my own sites to WordPress.


For artists and designers, it’s very easy to sell products direct through your own site, with very little up front expense.  With a little bit of training, you will be able to enter products and manage sales and inventory all on your own, as well as update your own pages, and blog/news.  If you can create nice looking documents with Word, you have all the skills you need to manage your own WordPress based web site.


I’ll work with you to select the best WordPress themes and plugins needed to build your site and keep it secure.  I will get everything installed, customized, and tested to meet all your needs, and then I’ll show you everything you need to know to manage, update, and add new content to your site in the future without having to hire anyone to help you.


If we can’t find a theme or plugins available that exactly fit your needs, I will do some custom programming to either modify the theme or plugins to fit your needs, or I will program something for you from scratch.  For example, for the Paychi Guh Cashmere web site, we created a WordPress based site with the Minimum theme and the Woocommerce plugin to run her online store.  I then custom programmed a couple of extensions to add a Wholesale pricing and ordering system to her site, as well as an easy system for create and turn on or off custom pre-order messages for specific categories and/or items in her catalog.  Of course, I also do all the photography and photo editing for the Paychi Guh Cashmere web site.


WordPress sites can look quite different and have a variety of functionality depending on the theme and plugins you choose (or custom program).  This site was built using WordPress and the Hypershot theme.  Click on the screen shots below to see some of the other web sites I have set up using WordPress:
DBAR Productions
Eastside Recording Parties
FREE Musicians Classifieds
Performance Loops

More information and examples of custom programming and web design can be found on my Stephen Sherrard Plugins web site.