I’m currently offering fine art photographic prints that are printed with the ultra-detailed and vibrant Giclee print process onto fine art photographic paper.
It’s more expensive, but the results are worth it.

The prints come with a single-weight, 1/16″, mat backing, to help preserve the value of the print over time. However, even with the backing, the prints are meant to be framed, as the backing may possibly warp over time if not framed.

Hummingbird Prints

Hummingbirds are very small and hard to photograph. They usually don’t like having a big lens pointed their way if you are too close to them. Thus, I usually need to position myself several yards away, and then crop in tight during editing to get the nice looking close up photos. Some photos are cropped more than others, and some aren’t cropped at all (when they let me get really close). Because of the variations in cropping, the sizes of the hummingbird prints may be limited, as I want to maintain the best print resolution as possible. 8 x10 is a good size for most of the prints, but most of them can be printed at up to 16 x 20 without losing quality. If you are interested in even bigger print sizes, please contact me and we can discuss what might be possible for the photo you are interested in.

Cropping for Print Sizes

The default aspect ratio of my cameras is 2:3, however many of the images in the galleries (especially the hummingbirds) are cropped for the most popular sizes of 4×5 / 8×10. Click on the info (i) button when viewing an image to see the aspect ratio of the image, as well as other info. The print purchase options for each image should match the aspect ratio of the image you see in the gallery, and the aspect ratio that is display in the image’s info.

If you prefer a different size print than what is offered in the options for a particular image, please contact me and I can do a custom cropping of the original image to fit your desired size, and send you a preview image for your approval before ordering the print.

No Framed Prints?

All of the print options on the site are ready for framing. Having the photo lab frame the prints greatly increases the cost of both the prints and the shipping, and frames are more likely to get damaged during shipping than the prints by themselves. Most people either have some old frames laying around in common sizes, or would prefer to select their own frames or get custom framing done at a local art/framing shop. Feel free to contact me for framing options and pricing direct from the print lab if you prefer to have the prints already framed and ready for display.

Custom Print Types and Sizes

If you are interested in prints on custom surfaces, such as metal, canvas, or acrylic, or even larger sizes than offered for photos on my site, please contact me to discuss options. Large prints on custom surfaces work best with my full size scenic and landscape photos.

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